sica wealth management podcast episode 5: who is the real iron man?


Tune in for the latest installment of the SICA Wealth Management Podcast.  For this week, topics include: the hockey stick projection, fear of loss, and the status quo belief.  Who considers themselves the “Iron Man” of the markets?

Listen in to find out.


  • Joseph DioGuardi

    Jeff–Great message! Printing too much money will also cause us great pain in the not too distant future when interest rates will inevitably rise with inflation in what continues to be a jobless stagnant economy. I am old enough to remember “stagflation” under Jimmy Carter’s administration when the prime rate of interest reached 20%! Imagine the havoc that even interest rates of 7 to 9% would play with our federal budget deficits (and national debt) in the future with our “bonded” national debt approaching a new statutory debt ceiling of 16.8 trillion dollars, and rising, with no balanced budget in sight for at least another 10 years. I used the term “bonded” (by US Treasury securities) because we have another 40 trillion dollars in unfunded (even unrecognized in the federal “cash basis” budget process) obligations for social security, medicare and federal pensions which must be paid in the future, mostly out of tax revenues we are counting on to balance future budgets. What a fiscally unsustainable mess we are in, that the financial markets do not seem to be worried about. Keep sounding the alarm about the failure of our nation’s “status quo” mentality which prevailed in prior years just before big stock market and economic downturns occurred. ALL THE BEST–Hon. Joe DioGuardi, CPA