Does Tomorrow Matter To Anyone Anymore?

What gives people hope and optimism for the future, is the acknowledgment that our generation is wiling to make sacrifices for a better tomorrow. This notion is not necessarily founded on a political or even religious ideal. This very acknowledgement is what has made our country great. Wars have been fought, and economic downturns have been endured. Mistakes have been made, and yes, often these mistakes have been repeated. As citizens of this country, we have the privilege to be where we are now, because our predecessors were selfless enough to think about us. The generations that have come and gone have given everything they had for a society they would never even know. 

As a father of three, there came a moment in my life when my worry about my own future, took a distant second to what would become of my children’s futures. When my grandparents left Italy to start a new life in America, they weren’t just thinking of their own personal well being. Before he passed away, my grandfather told me that during those days he thought of me, even though I wasn’t born yet. He wanted the freedom and opportunity for his future family that he could not envision in his home country. My grandparents passed away seeing their dreams fulfilled.

As someone who has spent his life as a student of the economy, one thought that keeps me up at night, when I think about my children’s future, is whether the central bankers and politicians who have a far greater role than they were ever intended to have, think about the generations to follow us. I’ve come to notice that you hardly hear anyone talk about the future. It’s all about the quick fix, and pushing the consequences off for a later generation, which makes the predicament we are in so concerning.

It has been said that for the first time in many generations, our children will be worse off than we are. I certainly hope that this not true. Who in the course of this nation’s history wants that legacy? Unfortunately, that’s the path we are on right now. This is where our policies will lead to if we don’t turn things around. No good parent would leave a mountain of debt to their children. Previous generations would never even think of it. Sacrifice for the sake of those we have never met, is not a new concept in this country. It is the only thing that can save us. In the words of Carl Bard, “Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” The time is now, and it is later than we think.