Are Gold, Art And Bitcoin Worth Your Money In 2014?


Jeff Sica was quoted in Forbes.  To read the full article, please click here.

Jeffrey Sica, founder and CIO of Sica Wealth Management, says it’s just as important to be careful when investing in illiquid property; a buyer may not want that house you’ve flipped if interest rates start to increase. “As interest rates begin to rise, you’ll see some of those buyers drop of out of the market because they can’t borrow at the multiples they’ve been borrowing at,” Sica says.

Gold. In the views of many experts interviewed, the alternative investment that traditionally gets the most love from investors is headed for another rocky year.

“Gold and silver have gotten decimated. Those are among the two most disappointed of alternative investments that are probably the most widely owned alternative investments,” Sica says, predicting that the metals will have a hard time gaining any traction in 2014 unless we see the S&P start to fall. He allows that if there is a somewhat significant market correction, “we may see bounce in gold in sometime middle of 2014.” But given gold’s trailing-twelve-month 27% loss, don’t count on it.

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