Does Anyone Care Whether The Market Is Rigged Or Not?

Jeff Sica posted a new Blog on FORBES discussing why institutions don’t care that the markets are rigged and why alternative investments are superior to traditional investments:

“Does anyone care in the great “imitation” bull market of this decade, not to be mistaken with the great “imitation “ bull market of last decade . Of course this time its different . I really think the people, or should I say, institutions who are rigging it have it right this time. I’m sure this time when they decide they have had enough, the institutions will let the individual investors liquidate first . After all, im sure there have been many sleepless nights since 2008 when the institutions purged the market and left many destitute . What better way to soften the guilt, than by artificially inflating the market and allowing the individual investor the privledge of riding the fake market with them?”

“I read that Warren Buffet is recommending that his family invests 90% in a Vanguard index fund and 10% in treasury bonds. What an unusual recommendation for someone who is considered one of the greatest stock pickers in history . Maybe he realizes that he that stock pickers like him are relics of a long forgotten era.”

“Get ready for the onslaught of imitation alternative investments. I believe that alternative investments are vastly superior to traditional investments in countless ways. “

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