How We Work

After twenty years, much of which was spent as a Managing Director of Investments for Wells Fargo and predecessor firms, Jeffrey Sica has come to the conclusion that the best advice is highly comprehensive independent advice.  Here at Sica Wealth Management we utilize a personalized holistic approach to helping clients achieve their financial and investment goals.  From the outset of the relationship we help outline and execute a plan to be implemented over a lifetime.

The Sica Wealth Management Offices

How We Invest

We acknowledge the challenges clients face today and, accordingly, we utilize an open architecture model which allows us to invest in both traditional and non traditional asset classes and strategies in an attempt to protect and profit clients in the current economic environment.

Standard Investments

As a strategy in an effort to profit and protect clients, we often invest in standard investments like stocks, bonds and commodities through funds, separately managed accounts or hedge funds according to the individual needs of clients.

Sica Wealth Management Offices

Alternative Investments

At Sica Wealth Management we believe that alternative investments can be effective at creating diversification and performance in challenging environments.  We often recommend private equity, real estate, venture capital and physical ownership of collectables and precious metals.  We have aligned ourselves with whom we deem to be some of the most successful private equity, venture capital and real estate firms to provide different investment opportunities worldwide. We invest individually or through funds.

Real Estate

Our representatives have consulted high net worth individuals, families and funds in acquiring, managing and deploying real estate assets.  Collectively, we have helped to oversee several billion dollars in real estate transactions.  These are assets under advisement, and are not deemed to be assets under management for purposes of the ADV.  We often view real estate as being a viable asset class for individual and families to invest for  capital appreciation and income either directly or through real estate funds.

Private Equity

We often advise clients to invest in private equity either directly or through funds.  We maintain relationships with global private equity firms. We assist clients in developing private equity strategies which meet their individual or family needs. We also assist private equity funds in other consulting oriented private equity activities.

Insurance/Estate Planning

At Sica Wealth Management, we believe that it may be necessary for families to maintain significant insurance to protect and preserve wealth for future generations.  We have secured relationships with businesses whom we consider to be some of the best insurance companies and brokerages in the country in order to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients.  Our scope of products include life, health, PEO, disability, long term care, property casualty (P&C), and title.

Estate Planning

As the needs of families concerned with multigenerational wealth changes, so do estate and tax laws.  At Sica Wealth Management, we believe that achieving outstanding investment results may be irrelevant without the implementation and execution of an effective estate plan and tax strategy.  We offer to work in unison with our clients’ existing estate attorneys to accommodate the independent needs of our clients.  We also maintain a network of estate attorneys whom we consider among the best in the event our clients need one.  We believe it is only through the teamwork of professionals that a family can truly succeed.

Sica Wealth does not offer tax or legal advice and investors should consult their legal or tax professionals for more guidance in these matters.